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Easy strawberry jam recipe

Easy strawberry jam recipe

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This strawberry jam recipe is easy because you don't process the jars in a hot water bath - you simply store the jam in the freezer till you're ready to use it!

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IngredientsServes: 80

  • 500g crushed fresh hulled strawberries
  • 700g caster sugar
  • 1 (13g) sachet pectin
  • 180ml water

MethodPrep:10min ›Cook:5min ›Extra time:23hr45min › Ready in:1day

  1. Mix crushed strawberries with sugar, and let stand for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, stir the pectin into the water in a small saucepan. Bring to the boil over medium-high heat, and boil for 1 minute. Stir the boiling water into the strawberries. Allow to stand for 3 minutes before pouring into jars or other storage containers.
  2. Place tops on the containers, and leave for 24 hours. Place into freezer, and store frozen until ready to use.

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by aimee

Holy fricken sugar! This recipe was way too sweet..The recipe on the box of pectin that I used said to use 1/2 as much sugar for the same amount of fruit, so I'll probably try that next time.-24 Dec 2007

by GodivaGirl

I've made this once before and it turned out on the runny side. This time I drained my crushed strawberries slightly and cut back on the water by a few tablespoons. While filling the jars it was already beginning to "set up". This recipe filled 11 four ounces jars. Nice way to have strawberries the entire year!-21 May 2008

Quick and Easy Strawberry Jam

Making your own strawberry jam is as easy as one-two-three. The only ingredients you need to make this recipe are whole, hulled strawberries and sugar. For a quick breakfast or snack, toast slices of country-style bread and top with ricotta cheese and a dollop of jam.


How To Make Quick and Easy Strawberry Jam

In a medium saucepan, add in the strawberries and sugar. Turn the heat on to medium and stir until the sugar starts to dissolve into the strawberry juice.
With the back of your spoon, mash the strawberries to help break down the strawberries. Keep stirring occasionally and mashing the strawberries with the back of the spoon.

Once the strawberries break down and the syrup thickens, remove from the heat. It will start to coat the back of your spoon. The entire process took me about 25 minutes.
I poured my jam into a sterilized half pint jar with a sterilized lip and ring. I tipped it upside down and let it cool. You can just pour your jam in a container and let it cool. Then place the container or canning jar in the fridge until you’re ready to use it.
I hope you make this quick and easy strawberry jam when you need a homemade jam fix!

Simple Ideas To Use Strawberry Jam

In no time at all, you can have a sweet and simple strawberry jam that you’ll want to put on everything. My mind can probably go on forever when thinking of ways to use homemade strawberry jam but some of my favorites are:

Because the fruit and sugar reduce quite a bit during the cooking time, which thickens this up nicely, there’s no need to add any pectin.

Strawberries and rhubarb are a healthy combination.

The strawberry and rhubarb go together perfectly. The sweet strawberry and slightly tart rhubarb are one of my favorite flavor combinations.

If you don’t grow your own, rhubarb is available right now in the produce sections of many grocery stores and is usually for sale at most farmers’ markets and roadside stands.

Rhubarb is a good source of magnesium, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium, potassium, and manganese.

Strawberries are also high in fiber and manganese as well as high in vitamin C.

Just chop up the strawberries and rhubarb, add the sugar and lemon juice, and boil for 20 minutes. Bam. Perfection.

The fruit will start to break down and within a few minutes of boiling will …

Stir frequently! Especially in the last several minutes to prevent scorching.

That’s it. Pour it into clean pint-sized canning jars or something similar.

This only makes about 3 pints which most people will eat up very quickly. Because this has so much sugar in it, the jam will last for at least several weeks in the fridge without going through the canning process.

This recipe is the easiest thing to do! First, mash the strawberries with a potato masher. Then, transfer to a large enough pot with the rest of the ingredients. Mix until fully combined. Let sit for about 20 minutes, the berries will release more juice. Then, place on low-medium heat and bring to a boil and simmer for 15 &ndash 20 minutes.

Next, turn off the heat and let it cool. Test for thickness by dipping a spoon in the mixture. Run a finger at the back of the spoon. If the mixture does not run back together, then your jam is thick enough.

Last, transfer to sterilized jars and secure with a lid and store in your pantry, the refrigerator or in your freezer.


Skill: Challenge meServes: Makes about 5 (1-cup) containersRinse clean plastic containers and lids with boiling water.

Stem and crush strawberries thoroughly, one layer at a time.

Measure exactly 2 cups prepared fruit into large bowl.

Let stand 10 minutes stirring occasionally.

Mix water and pectin in small saucepan.

Bring mixture to boil on high heat, stirring constantly.

Continue boiling and stirring for 1 minute.

Stir pectin mixture into fruit mixture.

Stir constantly until sugar is dissolved and no longer grainy, about 3 minutes.

(A few sugar crystals may remain.)

Fill all containers quickly to within 1/2 inch of tops.

Wipe off top edges of containers quickly cover with lids.

Let stand at room temperature 24 hours.

Store in refrigerator up to 3 weeks or freeze up to 1 year.

Important tip:To get exact level cup measures of sugar, spoon sugar into dry metal or plastic measuring cups, then level by scraping excess sugar from top of cup with straight-edged knife.

Easy Refrigerator Strawberry Jam Recipe

Hold on to your hats! This Easy Refrigerator Strawberry Jam Recipe is freaking delicious, calls for just 3 ingredients AND it’s pectin-free. You can choose just how much sugar you wish to add and, in my opinion, this is so simple your kids can make it! This recipe will be in my upcoming book…yes…cookbook! I am in the midst of writing a cookbook!! Deadlines, recipe testing & writing have kept me busy this summer. I can not wait to share the book with you…squeal!!

You know how couples can go to “war” over silly things like putting the lid on the toothpaste, which direction the toilet paper faces and if the seat is left up?? In my house, one such battle involves jam. Grape vs Strawberry actually.

He only will eat grape jam….that’s it. Not another smidge of jam will he try, grrrr. He also ONLY wants cheesecake plain…plain.

That man won’t even eat cooked fruit other than apples and my Rotisserie Bourbon & Brown Sugar Glazed Pineapple (its to-die-for). He says the pineapple doesn’t count as “cooked” since it’s not cooked down. That man!!

Meanwhile, I want nothing to do with grape jelly, nope…not gonna do it. If that was all the jelly left on earth…I still wouldn’t eat it. Well, maybe if the much-anticipated zombie apocalypse happened and there was no food left and I desperately needed something sweet…Then I am pretty sure I’d eat it. BUT that’s the only way. Hmmmph!

This Easy Refrigerator Strawberry Jam Recipe came about after NOT having any strawberry jam in the house and being too lazy to go to the store for some. I figured, I have strawberries and previously I had made freezer jam, so let’s try something different. Since I had limes on-hand and not the traditional lemons, I went with making a strawberry lime jam and it was glorious!

I am talking just eat it off the spoon delicious!

I have made variations of this Easy Refrigerator Strawberry Jam Recipe. Using lemons, limes, adding mint (daughters idea), adding cinnamon and once adding vanilla. My favorite way is strawberries + limes. Yummmm-O!

You-know-who has never tasted it.

Which is just fine…more for me and the kids!! Who by the way choose strawberry jam or jelly over grape jam or jelly, just like their mama…so I call that winning the battle!

Give this jam a try. Let the kids help or let them take the reigns.

If you research no-pectin jams, you will see that many of them call for 2-4 cups of sugar. That’s just plain crazy to me. I DO understand that the more sugar you use the thicker it will be, however, if you cook it down enough, you still get a nice jam consistency after its chilled. I just don’t see the need for all of that sugar. I want to taste the strawberry and the lime, not sugar. If however you berry’s are not very sweet, feel free to add a few more TBS of sugar.

This Easy Refrigerator Strawberry Jam Recipe makes a fantastic food gift! Pair it with some homemade scones or biscuits and tuck them into a cute lil’ basket…A-dorable (and delicious)!

UPDATE!! My cookbook is now available on Amazon (you can also find it on Target, Walmart and Barnes & Noble’s websites).

Tag me on Instagram or Facebook @SouffleBombay if you make this! I’dove to see your take on it!!

  • strawberries &ndash fresh or frozen.
  • sugar &ndash granular sugar
  • butter
  • Rhind of a lemon peel &ndash optional see note below.
  1. Wash strawberries and remove the stems.
  2. Puree the strawberries in a food processor, crush with a potato masher OR use an emersion blender.
  3. Measure out 5 cups crushed strawberries and place them in a large saucepan.
  4. Stir in 1 package of Sure-Jell original and 1/2 a teaspoon butter. The butter will help reduce the foam.
  5. Bring the mixture to a full rolling boil that will not stop when stirred.
  6. Boil for 1 minute.
  7. Add 7 cups of sugar and return to the rolling boil.
  8. Boil for exactly 1 minute, stirring the entire time.
  9. Remove from heat and skim off any foam with a metal or wooden spoon.
  10. Ladle jam into containers.
  11. Allow the jam to come to room temperature before storing in the refrigerator

What other flavors/fruits will this Strawberry Jam Recipe work with?

This recipe is really just a super simple method I wanted to share and it doesn’t have to be Strawberry Jam!

The process of combining frozen or fresh berries or fruit with a bit of sugar and lemon can be used to make so many variations. While this recipe shows you how to make strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry jam, it really can be made with so many fruits!

Be sure to check out the notes section of this recipe to see what fruits can be made into jam in the microwave. You will be astounded by how easy and tasty this jam recipe is. No matter what fruit or berry you use, the steps are: combine the frozen fruit, sugar, and lemon in a large bowl, then microwave for roughly 9-11 minutes. After this time in the microwave, the fruit will have broken down and a mixture will be a thick and sweet syrup.

Once popped into a jar in the fridge this jam sets up to be a glossy homemade jam you can enjoy any time of year.

Easy strawberry jam recipe - Recipes

2. Stir Sure-Jell with water in saucepan. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Boil 1 minute. Remove from heat.

3. Stir mixtures together until sugar is completely dissolved and no longer grainy. Pour into plastic containers cover. Let stand at room temperature 24 hours. Jam is now ready to use. Store in refrigerator or freeze extra containers. Thaw in refrigerator. Makes about 4 (1 cup) containers.

2. Add pectin mixture gradually to fruit, stirring vigorously. Set aside for 30 minutes stirring occasionally.

3. Stir remaining sugar gradually into fruit mixture until sugar is completely dissolved and no longer grainy. Pour into plastic containers cover. Let stand at room temperature for 24 hours. Jam is now ready to use. Store in refrigerator or freeze extra containers. Thaw in refrigerator. Makes about 6 (1 cup) containers.

Important: Measure sugar and fruit exactly do not change amounts or jam will not set properly. A potato mashed works best for strawberries.


  • First, you’ll need to sterilize the jars by washing them in a soapy water and then dropping them in boiling water in a canning pot. (I don’t have a canning pot, so I use my deepest stock pot.) Make sure you use a canning rack on the bottom, or at least put a kitchen towel rag on the bottom of the pot, as I used to do back in 2013. If you set the glass jars directly in contact with the pot without a rack or rag, then the jars will break as they touch the hot bottom of the pot. If you’re doing lots of canning, you can sterilize the jars in a boiling water, and then arrange them on a baking sheet and transfer them into preheated oven (300°F) until ready to use.
  • Place the lids and rings in a boiling water and turn the heat off. Don’t boil the water with the lids, as it reduces the quality of sealing rubber. Use a magnetic wand (it’s so cheap!), to fish out the lids when ready to seal the jars.
  • Run a knife along the inside edges of the jar to remove the air bubbles in the jam. Be careful not to touch the bottom of the jar if using metal utensils, as one of my readers warned, it could scratch the glass, which could break the jar when heated. (Thanks, Jenn, for the tip!)
  • Before placing the lids, wipe the edges of the jars with a wet towel/paper towel to clean any drips.
  • Place the jars in a boiling water in a canning pot with a rack on the bottom. Make sure the jars are covered with at least 4 inches of water. Boil for 10 minutes, then turn the heat off and let them sit for 5 minutes before transferring the jars to a cooling rack.
  • As the jars cool down, you should hear popping sounds. It’s a sign that the jars are being sealed.