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Movie Theaters Get Boozier and More News

Movie Theaters Get Boozier and More News

In today's Media Mix, more details on the Todd English reality show, plus a Kombucha bar not in Brooklyn opens

Arthur Bovino

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news in the food world.

Tokyo's Robot Restaurant: It seems like every other day we hear about restaurants using robots as a gimmick, and this one is no different. For $51 a plate, you can see female robots being "driven" around by scantily clad female dancers. [Reuters]

Strange GOP Ban on Fruit: Reporter on the ground Dan Amira noticed that whole fruit was banned from the Republican National Convention, presumably so people can't throw it. Except, whole oranges were found within the grounds. [NY Mag]

So, It's Not a Todd English Show? Rumor has it that English won't be starring in a Kardashian-esque affair, but rather in a "serious picture of the New York hospitality industry." But plenty of eye candy, right? [Boston Herald]

Kombucha Bar Opens: Dig Inn Seasonal Market and Kombucha Brooklyn will be serving up four Kombucha flavors in New York. [Grub Street]

Movie Theaters Getting Bar Service: Luxe theaters are now a trend, especially some in Los Angeles, where tickets go for $29 a pop and offer a beer-and-wine bar. No more sneaking in a bottle of red, then. [The Wrap]

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